One Car At A Time (1-14)

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Alex has been very successful at getting daddy to work together with him to draw the cars he wanted recently. In the process, he used all the tactics daddy used on him to get the job done. Just to name a few:

  • I have a challenge for you. It is very challenging …
  • Remember, never give up. I just got one more car to draw …
  • It is going to be fun …

Here are some of the cars we created. It is very evident that his favorite NASCAR driver is Jeff Gordon (AKA number 24). We also mix-and-match the cars with different car logos, endorser logos, country maps, race car drivers, all kinds of stuff.

We really enjoyed the time that we did those together. Actually, we decided to continue post as we are drawing more cars.

Hope you enjoy them as well (forget about the amateur drawings and facts) 🙂 If you happened to like any of our creations, don’t hesitate to let us know. We will be flattered.
















Best book for Hot Wheels Fans

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Since Alex is crazy about Hot Wheels Cars, we have been searching for good book about this subject. The best book we found so far is:
Hot Wheels : the Ultimate Handbook , Fun Facts, Stats & More All About 150 Cars

We first got a paper back version from Annie’s school book fair when Alex was 2. It has more than 150 cars and many fun facts about the hot wheels cars. Since is was purchased, I don’t remember how many times have we read it from cover-to-cover together. The pages are literally worn out. And yes, Alex learned a lot about reading and how to spell and sound out words phonetically when we did that. It was just fun to read it.

So we have actually purchased a second hard-cover copy from Amazon. He enjoyed the new one but still pick up the old copy from time to time.

Hope you will enjoy it too.