This is a blog for kids who are crazy about cars!

My name is Alex. I was born in 2010. Since I was 1 years old, I liked to play with all kinds of toy cars. And my mom started buying me more and more hot wheels cars which started my collection.

In this blog and Youtube channel, I am going to share my joy of toy cars and toys in general.

My best friend Annie (who is my sister) is helping me directing and shooting the videos. My Dad is helping me maintaining the website as well as my Youtube channel. Since I am only 4 years old, mostly he will sanction the contents of this site (including this page) in foreseeable future.

Please follow us in Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/iCrazyCarKid

Find us in Youtube by searching “CrazyCarKid”.

Send us an email at : alex@crazycarkid.com

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